Absolver’s Halloween update is now live

Sloclap has released a new update for its martial arts adventure title Absolver, an update which adds in a bunch of new features (including Halloween-themed masks) and brings the game up to version 1.08.

Since the update is labeled as the ‘Halloween Update,’ it’s probably not surprising to hear that one of its main selling points is a series of specially themed new Halloween masks which can be earned by defeating Absolver’s various Marked One mini-bosses.

The update also adds in a prestige system for those who have reached the level cap of 60, allowing them to earn a new type of ‘Crystals’ currency for every level they gain beyond 60. These Crystals can be spent either on ‘Rift Discs’ (yet another new currency type which allows players to directly buy rare weapons and armor) or on reallocating stat points. A third new currency type, ‘Rift Coins,’ are now earned in Combat Trials, replacing the previous random loot drop system, and can also be spent to attain new gear.

Players can now also sort their inventory of items and also salvage (i.e. destroy) unwanted items to obtain a fourth new currency type called ‘Fragments.’ Using Fragments, a player can “repair” a piece of armor, raising its quality level (i.e. from ‘Aged’ to ‘New’). Lastly, the 1.08 update includes new miscellaneous features such as nighttime variants for Combat Trials maps (a temporary modifier to celebrate Halloween), a ‘bald’ haircut option for character creation, four new armor sets, three new cloaks, and more.

The full patch notes for the 1.08 update can be read here. The update is now live for the PC version of Absolver and should launch for the PlayStation 4 version sometime later this week (Sloclap is just waiting on Sony to approve the patch).