Bloodborne players can now fight two of the game’s unfinished bosses

Last month, a group of intrepid Bloodborne hackers managed to discover a bunch of content that was cut from the game’s final build but still lay dormant in its code. Now, that same group has actually discovered a way for all players to pit themselves against two boss enemies who never appear in the standard game.

A Bloodborne player calling themselves ZullieTheWitch (one of the same players who helped make the previous cut content videos linked above) recently shared a pair of Chalice Dungeon glyphs via their Twitter account which allow all players to load up customized Chalice Dungeons containing the two cut boss encounters. For those who don’t know, Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeon feature allows players to take on procedurally-generated dungeons, and if a player likes the layout of a certain Chalice Dungeon, they can save it using a glyph.

The two bosses in question are the Great One Beast (one of the monsters previously shared in the cut content videos) and an alternate variation of the Moon Presence boss. To access the Great One Beast Chalice Dungeon, a player must enter the glyph “arkhv2vs,” while accessing the alternate Moon Presence requires entering the glyph “sikgc3sm.” ZullieTheWitch warns that since the Chalice Dungeons and boss encounters are technically unfinished, there is a risk of getting stuck so players are encouraged to back up their saves before attempting either encounter.