Dragon’s Dogma director’s new game is still coming apparently

Back in early 2017, famed Capcom game designer Hideaki Itsuno, who also served as game director for Dragon’s Dogma as well as several entries in the Devil May Cry series, said he would be announcing his next game before the year was out. Sadly, 2017 came and went with no formal reveal from Itsuno, but now he has provided another update saying that his new game is coming along nicely.

In one of his latest tweets, Itsuno wished American Capcom fans a Happy New Year before making sure to remind them that he’s still plugging away on his newest project. It’s not exactly clear what he meant when he said that development on the game is “now under climax,” but hopefully he’ll have more to say (and maybe even a full reveal to make) later in 2018.

Judging from the comments in Itsuno’s tweet, most fans seem hopeful that his unannounced game will be a brand new entry in the Devil May Cry franchise, but at this point it’s just too early to tell.