Hand of Fate 2’s Dealer is now a recruitable companion

Hand of Fate 2’s enigmatic Dealer is well-known for his snarky taunts and cryptic advice, both of which he doles out liberally as the player attempts to best his various challenges. Now, however, the Dealer can bring his signature snark while serving at the player’s side as a recruitable companion character.

A free update which developer Defiant Development recently added into Hand of Fate 2 allows players to recruit the Dealer as a companion character once they’ve bested the game’s final story challenge. The Dealer can fling spells at your foes from afar, making him a solid long-range companion for players who prefer to mix it up in melee combat. Once a player has beaten the final challenge, they can get the Dealer by heading over to the ‘Additional Content’ menu option and hitting the Claim button. Doing so will also add in some new Dealer-themed cosmetic customization items for the player’s character.

Defiant Development also briefly laid out its 2018 plans for Hand of Fate 2, saying it plans to add in an Endless Mode, a new enemy faction, new companion characters, and new weapons. A specific timeline for the new content wasn’t laid out but it should arrive at some point in this coming year.