How to beat Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run with all classes

Hearthstone’s new Dungeon Run mode might be intimidating for someone who doesn’t have experience with the arena or rogue-like games. True, many of the enemies you face are unfair and broken so you just have to be more unfair and more broken. Luckily, there is no shortage of unfair and broken cards to choose from, and each class has one unfair strategy in particular that will almost guarantee you a win.

Here are the strategies that we think give you the greatest chance of making it through the dungeon.


The key to succeeding with warrior is simple; if you see a bucket of weapons, take the bucket of weapons. Warrior has a ton of ways to buff weapons, and since weapons essentially do charge damage, they are good at either controlling the board or hitting the opponent’s face. The Vorpal Dagger is a particularly good treasure to take, as you can buff it and hit the opponent’s face four times in a row to close out a match.

When not taking cards centered around weapons, try to take big cards, cards with taunt, or cards with charge. Any good warrior deck is going to play aggressive, killing the opponent much faster than they can kill you. If you can, pick up either the Bag of Stuffing or Wonderous Wand to give you some card draw, or the Boots of Haste, Bag of Coin, or Greedy Pickaxe for mana acceleration.


If you are playing a class with access to jade cards, your strategy should always be “pick jade if you see jade.” There are no card limits in Dungeon Run, so you can make your jade golems as big as you want. Jade summoning cards get even better with Battle Totem which doubles your battlecries, and thus doubles your jades. Captured Flag also synergizes well with jade decks, essentially starting you one ahead on the jade counter.

When not picking jades, try to pick from the destruction or battlecrier buckets. Shaman has some of the best battlecries in the game, and if you can double them you’ll be even better off. Destruction is where you will find all of your board wipes and direct damage, which can be buffed by Robe of the Magi if you come across it. As always the Bag of Stuffing, Boots of Haste, Wonderous Wand, and Bag of Coins are just fantastic treasures all around.


Once again if you see jade pick jade. However, Rogue’s major jade card, the jade swarmer, is triggered on deathrattle, not battlecry, so the Totem of the Dead is just as good as the Battle Totem in this case. Similarly, Rogue has an entire card bucket that is based on deathrattle effects, so if you can’t pick jade, picking from the Death Dealer pool is just as good.

If you can’t pick from either, the pools you are looking for are Assassin, which has direct damage and removal effects, Greed, which gets you coins and cards, and Exhaustion, which is based around a mill strategy, but you don’t ever actually want to build a mill rogue. This bucket has a lot of cards like Coldlight Oracle, which is just plain old good card draw, and Shadowstep, which can let you use your jade battlecries more than once. The Bag of Stuffing and Boots of Haste aren’t nearly as powerful in Rogue, however the Wonderous Wand is still a great pick. Rogue also really likes The Candle, since they don’t have many powerful board wipes, and the Wax Rager, since Rogue likes playing with Deathrattles to begin with.


Paladin’s greatest friend is the Justicar’s Ring. Being able to summon two 1/1 minions for one mana every turn is stupid broken, and will let you rush down any boss. Even if you can’t get the Justicar’s Ring, picking from the Silver Hand bucket will give all your Silver Hand Recruits buffs, and should always be prioritized. The Captured Flag is also a great treasure as it turns your 1/1 minions that you summon from your hero power into 2/2s which are much better.

When you aren’t buffing your silver hand recruits, you want to focus on picking from the Justice pool, since it’s what gives Paladin its removal tools. The Sacred Arms pool comes with a bunch of weapons, and while I wouldn’t focus on this pool, taking it once or twice can make decks that focus on non-weapon strategies better, since weapons are basically removal.

Bag of Stuffing, Captured Flag, Wonderous Wand, and Bag of Coins are once again good here, and Paladin can also make decent use of the Portable Forge if they never get a chance to pick up some Sacred Arms cards. Paladins can also make good use of the Candle or Wand of Disintegration because they don’t have very many good board wipes otherwise. Finally, Dr. Boom’s Boombox is a fantastic card for weenie strategies, as it essentially fills your board with the best weenies in the game. Buff them a few times and watch the bombs fly.


Hunter is one of the more flexible classes in Dungeon Run. So far it seems like the best strategies are the weenie strategy, the big value strategy, and the deathrattle strategy. You should be taking from the Wee Beasts, Big Beasts, and Deathrattle pools respectively. You should also try and take a weapon pool once or twice to get some removal.

Which treasures you take will once again be determined by your strategy. Card draw and mana acceleration treasures are good in any strategy, but the weenie strategy wants things like the Captured Flag or Horn of Cenarius, the big value strategy wants the Boots of Haste, the Scepter of Summoning, the Horn of Cenarius, and extra picks from the Legendary pool, and the deathrattle strategy wants the Totem of the Dead to double up on each deathrattle effect. In general, I have found that big beasts have the biggest win rate, but only with a few treasures that synergize well.


If you see jade pick jade and Druid is the king of jade! Honestly, picking a Jade Idol alone can win the game for you. Just pair it with some card draw and you will get virtually infinite value. If you don’t feel like going jade, you can either pick from the Stomp pool with mana acceleration or the Scepter of Summoning, or the Stampede pool with the Captured Flag. Honestly, you could just spread your picks among all three of these pools and you will still have an absolutely amazing deck. Can’t pick from these pools? The Taunt pool has incredible cards like Spreading Plague, and if any pool has a Ultimate Infestation in it, pick it right away. You can also do well by picking from the Mana Growth pool which has yet more mana acceleration tools. That’s almost half of Druid’s pools. It’s almost impossible NOT to win a dungeon run with Druid.

And what treasures should you pick? Basically any treasure that has already been mentioned. The Bag of Stuffing, Boots of Haste, Portable Forge, Wondrous Wand, Bag of Coins, Battle Totem, Captured Flag, Horn of Cenarius, Crystal Gem, Small Backpacks, Scepter of Summoning, and more all provide immense value for druid. You can even pick Wish if you want to go slower, or The Candle/Wand of Disintegration if you feel like you need a good board wipe. Nearly every pick is advantageous for Druid. Just choose how you want to beat your opponent to death and go for it.


Warlock is a tricky one. The best strategy I have seen so far is the giants strategy. Several of Warlock’s pools have giants in them, including the Blood pool and Huge Hand pool. Taking these giants along with the Scepter of Summoning can allow you to drop 8/8s on turn one or two. Pair it with card draw, or the Mask of Mimicry and you’ll constantly have a board full of 8/8s ready to rush your opponent down. You can also pick from the Dire Demons pool with this strategy as it had a lot of high mana high value cards which will also be reduced by the Scepter of Summoning.

Your other strategy is to actually play a normal Warlock deck. Picking from the Swarm and Little Legion pool allows you to play Zoolock and picking from the Destruction, Sacrifice, and Taunt pools lets you play Control and Handlock. Warlock loves the Wand of Destruction, since its control strategy loves boardwipes. It also loves Justicar’s Ring, since it allows them to draw a card for one mana every turn, which is a strong play. Wish and Potion of Vitality are also fantastic pics, as Warlock has a ton of cards that sap its health, and doubling your health or completely restoring it a summoning a board full of legendary minions are both good ways to offset that drawback.


Mage is by far the hardest class to complete a dungeon run with, since most of its pools are bad. Its best pools are the Fire pool, which includes powerful direct damage and AOE spells, and the Magical Friends pool, which is one of Mage’s only decent minion pools. Every other pool is mediocre at best. Only pick them if there is a must have card, like Frost Lich Jaina, or Ragnaros the Firelord.

Believe it or not, one of the Mage’s best friends is the Cloak of Invisibility. It allows your minions to stay safe, letting you get their benefits turn after turn. Sticking a Sorcerer’s Apprentice on the field all game, or letting Ragnaros fire off eight damage fireballs turn after turn is a great way to take down even the biggest bosses. The Bag of Coins is also a great pick with Archmage Antonidas, as it generates you a hand full of fireballs which can then be chucked at the opponent’s face.

Mage doesn’t need as much card draw as other classes because they can pick it up in their pools. They absolutely love Robe of the Magi as it makes all of their spells do an obscene amount of damage. Taking AOE treasures like the Wand of Disintegration or THE CANDLE are also good picks. Picking up some spell damage and then the Embers of Ragnaros can end matches immediately. If you can’t pick any of these, consider the Mysterious Tome, as its early game tempo boost will help you to establish a board that can stick. Unlike most classes, the Mage makes good use of Khadgar’s Scrying Orb, since their deck is going to be primarily spells.

If you can make your deck mostly minions, then do so. There are multiple bosses in Dungeon Run which do horrible things to you if you cast spells. A deck that functions primarily off magic risks losing to Gutmook, or other cheap bosses, several battles in.


Finally we have Priest, who is a lot like mage but with much better cards. Most of the cards that work with mage work here. The Robe of the Magi turns Priest’s modest board wipes into dangerous ones. The Scrying Orb reduces the cost of Priests spells, which are all good. The Cloak of Invisibility will let cards like Lyra or Priest of the Feast stick on the battlefield forever. Then, of course, there are the old reliable treasures like the Wonderous Wand, Boots of Haste, Bag of Stuffing, etc.

Priests best pool is their “Bag of Tricks” pool. This is where you will find all the removal. From large AOEs like Psychic Scream to single target spells like Entomb, this is where you will get your utility cards. After that, you have a lot of different strategies you can go for. You can pick from the Last Rites, pool if you get a Totem of the Dead, or the Dragon Priest pool if you get the Battle Totem. You can also pick from the Elementals pool for some powerful minions like Lyra and Ragnaros, and if you get at least one Lyra then consider picking from the Combo Caster pool. As much as you might want to, ignore the Unique pool. Yes, it has Reno and Kazakus in it, but it’s hard to get through a Dungeon Run without doubling up cards at some point.

Have you guys had the opportunity to beat the Dungeon Run yet? If so, what class did you use? Let us know in the comments.