How to stay alive in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Sometimes the best methods are actually the easiest. People overthink in games and then get frustrated when some complicated, intricate method just didn’t work. We don’t all have time to perfect ourselves, but we all do have time to try out simple tricks of the trade. Here’s some handy tips for newcomers to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Droppin’ in to say hello

Right from the get-go, you board a plane and dive from it. This is when you’re at your most vulnerable. I don’t mean to be killed mid-air or anything, but to be seen and followed.

Don’t jump first, if you can help it. Try to wait until midway through the flight to dive. We recommend this for multiple reasons. First off, players that tend to jump early can be easily seen or spotted so you know where they are. Waiting until other players are all jumping, if possible, gives the ability to conceal yourself easier since they aren’t paying attention to you at that point.

Also, keep in mind that when you jump, you get a small amount of control in direction and angle, which can be used to your advantage. Try your best to avoid large drop zones where other players are probably going to be. Give yourself time to prep and find supplies away from the mass of other players.

This leads us to the next point. As with any first person shooter, study the maps, figure out where the loot drops and vehicles take place, and just learn the lay of the land. Pay attention to the map, check for ongoing restrictions, and as you land, if you need to move, use as much cover as possible.

You don’t live in a barn

If Horror movies have taught me one thing, it is to cover your tracks if you’re followed. In a standard game of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, assume you’re always being tracked and followed. If you enter a building, close the doors as you go through them. Open doors are the most suspicious thing in a game where doors start off closed.

Seriously, this is a common mistake for newcomers to the game. If you’re turned around and a door is open, people can sneak up on you. Hearing an enemy enter the house and the doors are closed, players get an extra few seconds to prepare and figure out the best strategy.

Honk honk! Get in!

Run and gun players tend to hop in a vehicle and drive off, but the more stealthy players might need to plan out a better strategy. Cars don’t necessarily equal insta-death, but they do paint a big ole’ target on your back, between fast-paced movement, larger form factor, and noise.

As tempting as it is, we recommend using cars in short bursts and only when absolutely necessary, like when map restrictions begin. You want to move to safety, but, then again, so do your enemies. We can’t stress enough how much you should use your map in any case, but especially when the restrictions begin. You’ll see the dark blue in comparison to your current position, so if it’s a short walking distance, keep on your toes and in the shadows.

Is it cowardice or stealth?

Speaking of keeping to the shadows, constantly hiding is a valid and reasonable idea. While we don’t imagine sitting in a bush for an entire match (we just don’t imagine that’s very fun), it’d be a great hiding place for a short time. Additionally, in buildings, behind doors, laying down in tall grass, or crouching behind a rock are all options on the fly.

This is a survival of the fittest type game, which means you should consider and exhaust every option possible and keep out of the sights of your opponents’ guns.

As the map restricts, it’ll eventually get harder to find cover and hide. So, we recommend foraging for supplies, weapons, and clothing early on and then trying to be one of the last 10 on the map by the end. Sometimes that means you have to hide and stick to the shadows early in the game and sometimes you’re being a ninja for the last half.

Dress for Success

A general rule to abide by works in real life too. The brighter your clothing, the more noticeable you are. Did you expect more? Dress in dark clothing when you have the option. The end.

Additionally, it’s totally okay to choose to have bright hair. Just try to cover it up with a dark motorcycle helmet or a dark hat. Treat this game the same as reality. Would someone be able to spot you based on colors or vibrancy?

These are pretty simple tips to help new players get used to the game. Follow these guidelines and there’s at least a fair chance of winning coming your way.