Kickstarter for Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is now live

Back in February, Contrast developer Compulsion Games revealed its trippy new survival game We Happy Few and later brought a playable build of the game to PAX East. Now the studio is ready to kick We Happy Few’s development into high gear and it has launched a Kickstarter to help raise the necessary funds.

In We Happy Few players find themselves in the bizarre town of Wellington Wells, a retro-futuristic city located in an alternate version of 1964 England. The citizens of Wellington Wells are obsessed with maintaining a veneer of constant happiness, so much so that they’ve developed a new drug aptly called “Joy” that they take while wandering about wearing their creepy smiling masks. You play as a “Downer”, a citizen who’s wised up to the town’s false sense of happiness and who must escape before the other citizens sniff out your lack of happiness and “deal with you” (i.e. kill you). Players must navigate the town, forage for weapons and supplies, and eventually escape all without arousing too much suspicion and procedurally generated layouts ensure that the game remains fresh over multiple playthroughs.

Pledge tiers for the We Happy Few Kickstarter range from $6 all the way up to a little over $4,000 and anyone who pledges at the $24 tier and up will receive a copy of the finished game. The Kickstarter currently sits at $51,672 of its $201,353 goal with 29 days left to go.