Need for Speed Payback is getting an online free roam mode

When Electronic Arts’ and Ghost Games’ newest racing title Need for Speed Payback launched last year, fans were quick to bemoan the absence of a proper online free mode option. Fortunately for them, EA and Ghost Games have taken their complaints to heart.

For now, the only way Need for Speed Payback players can roam around the game’s world while online is when they’re waiting for a lobby to fill up, which isn’t exactly the most ideal online experience. Now that 2018 is upon us, Ghost Games decided to ring in the New Year by announcing via Twitter that Payback will be getting a proper online free roam experience sometime in 2018. The studio later clarified that it doesn’t yet have a set release timeframe but that when the mode does launch, it will be free for all players.

Of course, as dedicated Need for Speed Payback players already know, the game has a few more issues aside from the lack of online free roam, but hopefully this is a sign that Ghost Games plans to more thoroughly improve the game throughout the year.