Overwatch’s Yeti Hunt mode gets its own tie-in comic

As part of its currently ongoing Winter Wonderland event, Overwatch has gotten a new limited-time game mode which pits one overpowered Winston player (or “Yeti” player) against a team of Mei players (or “hunter” players) in an asynchronous competitive format. For those who are really liking the mode, Blizzard also went ahead and made a digital tie-in comic as well.

The comic, which you can read here, isn’t very long, but it does provide a humorous little narrative to accompany the mode’s premise. Amazingly, the comic also manages to capture the essence of what the mode is: a unique-feeling premise which has technically been done before but still feels very “Overwatch” in its presentation.

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event will stick around until early January so be sure to hop in and give the Yeti Hunt mode a try if you haven’t already.