A previously undiscovered Bloodborne enemy has finally been found

Back in 2014, developer From Software showed off one of the more unique features of its then upcoming gothic horror RPG Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeons, randomized experiences which could be tailored to a certain degree and which pitted players against a wide assortment of different foes. However, when Bloodborne launched a year later, eagle-eyed fans soon noticed that one specific enemy from the Chalice Dungeon footage was nowhere to be found in the game and that enemy remained undiscovered as the years passed by.

Until now that is.

The enemy in question is a hulking giant which has had one of its hands replaced with a flaming hook. While other giant variants appear in both Bloodborne proper and the Chalice Dungeons component, nobody could seem to find the specific flaming hook variant that appeared in the early Chalice Dungeon footage. Many players just assumed the flaming giant enemy had simply been removed from the game after the footage was published but before the game’s launch. However, one group of intrepid Chalice Dungeon delvers wasn’t so easily deterred and just a few days ago, their efforts finally paid off with the first recorded sighting of the flaming hook giant.

You can see the flaming giant encounter courtesy of the below video from YouTuber Moros Nyx. If you happen to own Bloodborne and want to challenge the flaming giant yourself, you can access its associated Chalice Dungeon by using the glyph code pa6ssc6u.