Sloclap reveals future content plans for Absolver

While the widespread server issues it suffered at launch have been mostly resolved, Sloclap has no plans to slow down its post-launch development plans for its new martial arts adventure game Absolver, and the studio actually revealed in a recent written update what sorts of content additions players can expect in the coming months.

The full Steam Discussions update, which you can read here, talks about the upcoming changes that will be included in Absolver’s 1.06 patch (a patch which should go live within the next few days), changes which mostly consist of minor gameplay tweaks. The post also lists some of the more long-term plans Sloclap has, plans which include the eventual implementation of the following features:

  • A prestige system for max-level players
  • The ability to reallocate your character’s stat points
  • A more refined inventory system with different colors of gear rarity
  • New equipment
  • A built-in anti-cheat system
  • Structured PvP additions such as a 3v3 mode, private 1v1 matches, and a spectator mode
  • New combat moves
  • A new fighting style
  • New PvE content

Sloclap couldn’t provide a detailed timetable for when the above features will be added to Absolver, but fans still likely appreciate the confirmation that more content is on the way.