We Happy Few gets a massive update called Maidenholm

Compulsion Games has released the second major update for its psychedelic survival game We Happy Few, adding in a brand new island to explore, a new playstyles feature, and more. 

According to this new blog post on Compulsion Games’ website, the update is titled ‘Maidenholm’ and the main new feature it introduces is the titular Maidenholm Island explorable region. The update also includes a new playstyles feature which lets players choose how easy or difficult they want the game to be. There are three playstyles included in the Maidenholm update and Compulsion says it could add more in the future:

  • Birdwatcher: No hunger/thirst, game pauses in the menu, items are instantly equip, NPCs are easier to kill and aren’t as bloodthirsty, more resources (only partially integrated; more to come on this).  Designed for more casual players.
  • Downer: Hunger/thirst at normal levels, game does not pause in menu but items will instantly equip, normal resources/NPC threat.
  • Vigilante: Hunger/thirst intense, game does not pause in the inventory or shops, delay on equip, more dangerous NPCs.  Designed for the masochists among you.

Permadeath can be toggled on or off for all three playstyles and it is toggled off by default (in case you just recently downloaded the game and were wondering why your character didn’t stay dead). For more on what the Maidenholm update contains, be sure to give the below overview video a watch.

We Happy Few is currently available in an early access format for both Xbox One and PC.